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We Offer All Major Sporting Goods Brands

Our focus on utility, durability, and cost-effectiveness is a fresh departure from the hype that runs rampant through the world of sports.
We put all of the pieces together for you so you can raise the money, promote your program, prepare for the season, achieve success, and recognize the accomplishments of your team

From the preseason planning to the end of the season awards banquet, we provide customized and personalized uniforms, engraved awards and high-quality institutional sporting goods for physical education programs, competitive interscholastic sports teams, and serious professional athletes, as well as casual corporate recreational or intramural programs.

If you need a special banner to promote your company or celebrate your championship, we offer custom full colour digitally-imprinted and custom cut economy banners.

If you want to recognize achievement on the playing field or on the sales floor, we offer many custom awards and trophies, plaques, medals, and other custom engraved gifts and awards.

Do you want to thank a teacher, coach, or sponsor?
We can create a tasteful remembrance of their service.

Hockey Sticks






Golf Clubs




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